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Mani Meaning and Origin

The name “Mani” has multiple origins and meanings across different cultures. In Persian, “Mani” is a given name for boys and girls. It is derived from the word “man” meaning “thought” or “mind.” It can also be a short form of the name “Manizheh,” meaning “shining,” “radiant,” or “splendid.” In Hinduism, “Mani” refers to a jewel or gem. It can also represent a divine gem or a mythical gemstone with magical properties. In some Hindu mythologies, Mani is associated with Lord Krishna and represents a precious gemstone. In Ethiopia, “Mani” is a male name that means “what” in the Amharic language. In Tamil-speaking regions of South India and Sri Lanka, “Mani” is a popular given name for boys. It can have various meanings, including “bell,” “gem,” or “pearl.” In Greek mythology, “Mani” was the name given to the personification of the moon. Mani was believed to be the brother of the sun god, Sol, and the son of the god Mundilfari.

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