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Miana Meaning and Origin

Miana is a girl’s name of uncertain origin, it sounds Hawaiian, or maybe it’s Italian like Gianna, we’re not entirely sure, but it’s adorable, pretty, and exotic. Here are some possible explanations of Miana’s origin: In Italian, Miana is a variation of the name Emilia, which means “rivaling.” The name Miana is not very common in Italy, but it may have been used as a nickname or a family name. Miana may also come from a Polish surname that means “named” or “called.” It is derived from the Polish word “nazwany,” which refers to someone who has been given a name or a title. As a given name, Miana may be used as a feminine form of the male name Mian, which means “peaceful” or “gentle” in Polish. Miana is not a common name in Spanish-speaking countries, but it may be a variant of the name Mia, which means “mine” or “beloved” in Spanish. The name Miana could also be a contraction of two Spanish names, such as Mariana (a variant of Mary) and Ana (meaning “gracious” or “full of grace”). Alternatively, Miana is a name of African origin that means “grapevine” or “vine.” It could be a reference to the plant that produces grapes, or it may have a symbolic meaning related to growth, fertility, or nourishment.

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