Mirabelle Meaning and Origin

French origin names are renowned for bringing out romance, and Mirabelle is no different. Meaning “wonderous” just like your little girl will be. The name Mirabelle is a girl’s name meaning “wonderous, lovely, sweet plum” and is of French and Latin origin. The name Mirabelle comes from Latin mirabilis a derivative of mirari ‘to wonder at, admire’. In French, “mirabelle” refers to a type of small, sweet plum. This name is also found in Italian as Mirabella. In the Middle Ages, it was used as a male and female name but in later centuries used exclusively for females. It gained popularity as a given name in English-speaking countries during the 20th century. Variations of Mirabelle include Mirabel, Mira, Mirabella, and Mirabella. 

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