Mireille Meaning and Origin

The name Mireille is a girl’s name meaning “to admire” and is of French origin. The name Mireille is derived from the Provençal word “mirar,” meaning “to admire” or “to look at.” Mireille is a popular name in France and other French-speaking regions. It gained wider recognition outside of France due to the literary works of Frédéric Mistral, a 19th-century Provençal poet. Mistral’s epic poem “Mireio” tells the tragic love story of a young Provençal woman named Mireille. The name Mireille has variations in different languages. In English, it is often spelled as Mireille, but it can also be seen as Mirella or Mireya. Other variations include Mirèio (in Provençal), Mireia (in Catalan), and Mirela (in Romanian). This French name has a bit of alluring mystery that helps distinguish it from all the other baby names. 

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