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Name Collection

Aberdeen Name Meaning

Aberdeen name meaning, origin, and more   The girl's name Aberdeen is a Scottish name meaning: "at the mouth of the Don". The name Aberdeen is derived from a Visigothic female given name, composed of ali ‘foreign’ and od ‘riches’.   How to pronounce...

Arlia Name Meaning

Arlia name meaning, origin, and more   Arlia is an invented girl's name. REAL NAME ALTERNATIVES: Aria, Aaliyah   How to pronounce Arlia: ARE-lee-ah   Gender: For a girl Popularity: Not in the top 1,000 names Nickname for Arlia: Arie Middle name for...

Attica Name Meaning

Attica name meaning, origin, popularity and more   Attica (AT-I-KUH) is a Greek girl's name meaning: "from Attica".   MEANINGFrom Attica   ORIGINGreek   POPULARITYThe name Attica is not in the U.S. top 1,000 most popular names.   MIDDLE NAME...



Audrina name meaning, origin, and more   Audrina is an English meaning: "noble strength". The name Audrina is a diminutive form of Audrey.   How to pronounce Audrina: aw-DREE-nah   Gender: For a girl Popularity: #856 Nickname for Audrina: Audrey, Drina...

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