Naphtali Meaning and Origin

The name Naphtali is a boy’s name meaning “wrestling” and is of Hebrew origin. Naphtali is a name with ancient origins, deeply rooted in Hebrew heritage. It is derived from the Hebrew word “Naphtali”, which is closely associated with the phrase “nif’talti naftulim” meaning “I have struggled with mighty wrestling.” This meaning is often interpreted as a reference to the struggles and challenges faced by the biblical figure Naphtali, who was one of the twelve sons of Jacob and the forefather of one of the twelve tribes of Israel. The name Naphtali carries an air of resilience and tenacity, symbolizing the strength that can emerge from overcoming difficulties. It reflects the idea that even in the face of adversity, one can triumph through determination and perseverance. In terms of popularity, Naphtali is a less common name in modern times. It has a deep historical and religious resonance, which might appeal to families with a strong connection to their Hebrew or biblical heritage.

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