Navy Meaning and Origin

The name Navy is a unisex color name of English origin. A dark blue color that sounds like it should already be a baby name favorite, like Noah or Olivia. Cheers to new classics. It also is a name of English origin, meaning “fleet of ships.” It is derived from the Old French word “navie” which means a fleet of ships, and ultimately from the Latin word “navis” meaning ship. The name Navy is relatively rare as a first name and is more commonly used as a surname. It has been used as a given name for both boys and girls, but it is more commonly given to boys. In recent years, the name Navy has seen a slight increase in popularity as a given name, possibly due to the trend of using words as names. It is also a popular choice among parents with military backgrounds or those who have a connection to the sea. Famous people with the name Navy include Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell, American football player Navy Blue Kelly, and British novelist Navy C.N. Lu. 

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