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60 Old Fashioned Girl Names That Grandma Will Love

It’s not easy to find “new” baby girl names these days. It seems everything is either insanely popular or already taken. It can be challenging for a mom who wants a name that’s stylish and recognizable yet unusual. Luckily old grandma names are back in style; calling your newborn something old-school is the trend new parents are loving. Old grandma names are often considered classic or vintage baby names that were popular in past generations. These names are sometimes referred to as “antique” or “old-fashioned” names, but they have a timeless quality that has kept them in use for many years. These names often reflect the trends and styles of past eras, with many names being popular in the early 20th century. Names like Mary, Helen, and Elizabeth were common choices for girls, while names like William, John, and Henry were popular for boys. Old grandma names often have a traditional or conservative feel, with many names carrying a strong sense of history and heritage. These names are often chosen to honor family members or to connect a child to their roots and ancestry. In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in old grandma names, with many parents opting for these classic names over more modern choices. These names offer a sense of familiarity and comfort, as well as a connection to past generations. Beyond being on-trend, vintage girl names are interesting, dignified, and stand the test of time. They also prove that there’s nothing greater than paying homage to an older generation. After all, if these names are good enough for women of decades past, they’re certainly perfect for the modern ones soon to share these monikers. With that in mind, here are 60 old-fashioned girl names that we’d love to see come back in style.

1. Adele

The name Adele is a girl’s name meaning “noble” and is of French origin. If you like “A” names like or Ava or Amelia but want something less popular with a vintage feel, this is a good name for your little girl. You may also like: Ada, Adeline, Adelaide

2. Agnes

The name Agnes is a girl’s name meaning “pure, holy” and is of Greek origin. Agnes is definitely Grandma-strong but perfect for a modern baby. You may also like: Agatha, Abigail, Audrey

3. Antonella

Antonella is a girl’s name meaning “praiseworthy” and is of Italian origin. Shorten it to Nella, and the name becomes a well-rounded vintage charmer. You may also like: ApollineAnnabelle, Annie

4. Arlene

Arlene is a girl’s invented name. This sweet and charming southern-sounding name can still be admired now, and we love Arly or Lennie as an adorable nickname option. You may also like: Afanen, Abilene, Aileana

5. Belinda

Belinda is a girl’s name that may be an Italian coinage from bella meaning: beautiful” and the feminine suffix -inda. It could also be from German Betlinde, meaning: “bright serpent.” This sweet vintage name should totally be coming back into style, but if it’s not, your girl will have a beautiful, unique moniker. You may also like: Belen, Belladonna, Bellona

6. Benedetta

The name Benedetta is a girl’s name meaning “blessed” and is of Italian origin. Benedetta can choose to be called Betty, Etta, or Netta if Benedetta seems too formal for your little bundle of femininity. You may also like: BerengariaBerettaBeronia

7. Beulah

The name Beulah is a girl’s name meaning “married” and is of Hebrew origin. This name with biblical roots is a heavenly choice for a modern baby. You may also like: Blanche, Beata, Beah

8. Beverly

The name Beverly is a girl’s name meaning “beaver stream” and is of English origin. For a name that sounds similar to the popular Everly, we’re surprised more aren’t catching on to this vintage darling. We think it’s safe to turn back the clock to this more classic sounding but still playground-ready name. You may also like: Benilde, Beatrice, Belphoebe

9. Camelia

The name Camelia is a girl’s name meaning “beloved” and is of Spanish origin. Camelia is a name not to be missed if you’re looking for a girl’s name that is charming, timeless, and makes anyone think, “Awwww!” You may also like: Camilla, Celia, Clara

10. Charlene

Charlene is a girl’s name meaning “free man” and is of English origin. A perfect vintage choice if you don’t want your baby name to be too close to the connotations of grandma. We also love that she could be called Charlie for short. You may also like: Chantal, Clementine, Catherine

11. Concetta

The name Concetta is a girl’s name meaning “conception” and is of Italian origin. Concetta often gets shortened to Connie for a nickname, but there really is no reason to shorten such a glorious name. You may also like: Colette, Charlotte, Constance

12. Cressida

The name Cressida is a girl’s name meaning “gold” and is of Greek origin. If you’re looking for a perfect baby name to describe your little golden child, this might be a great fit. You may also like: Caterina, Claudia, Cora

13. Daria

The name Daria is a girl’s name meaning “possess well” and is of Greek origin. The name Daria is short and sweet, with just enough of a vintage charm for any little girl to pull off. You may also like: Dahlia, Deirdre, Damita

14. Dinah

Dinah is a girl’s name meaning “judged” and is of Hebrew origin. Simple yet elegant, Dinah can also be spelled Dina for a more modern twist. You may also like: Della, Diana, Dora

15. Dorothy

Dorothy is a girl’s name meaning “gift of God” and is of English via Greek origin. This name is a classic. Dorothy may not be as fashionable as it once was, but this name is perfectly feminine and ideal for a sweet and dainty little girl. It also has adorable nicknames like: Dottie, Dot, Thea, Dora, Dolly. You may also like: Daphne, Donatella, Dorsey

16. Elula

The name Elula is a girl’s name and is of Hebrew origin. It is the female form of Elul, the name of the sixth month on the Hebrew calendar. Elula strikes a stylish balance between newly fashionable names like Ella and Layla. You may also like: Elida, Evelyn, Eluned

17. Estelle

The name Estelle is a girl’s name meaning “star” and is of French origin. This glorious name is fashionable again for modern babies. You may also like: Earnestine, Esmeralda, Estrild

18. Etta

The name Etta is a girl’s name meaning “estate ruler” and is of English origin. Despite its nickname status, this classic vintage choice is definitely strong enough to stand on its own. You may also like: EsmeEffie, Evie

19. Euodia

The name Euodia is a Greek name meaning “prosperous journey” or “fragrant.”  If you’re looking for a name with biblical origins that is unique and a bit whimsical, Euodia might be a good fit! You may also like: EdolieEloise, Eva

20. Faustine

The name Faustine is a girl’s name meaning “fortunate one” and is of French origin. A unique but enchanting name that is rarely heard these days that certainly delivers in the meaning department. You may also like: Fabrice, Fausta, Fabiana

21. Fenella

The name Fenella is a girl’s name meaning “white-shouldered one” and is of Celtic origin. With this name, your sweet baby girl can go by Finnie, Nellie, Nell or Nella. You may also like: Fenicia, Francesca, Felicity

22. Finola

The name Finola is a girl’s name meaning “white, fair shoulder” and is of Scottish origin. Strong and bold, Finola is perfect for a baby girl and a grown-up as well (plus, don’t forget its cute built-in nickname, Nola). You may also like: Finella, Fiona, Floriana

23. Fleta

The name Fleta is a girl’s name meaning “swift” and is of English origin. Fleta has such a sweet, old-fashioned sound to it. You may also like: Ferelith, Florence, Flora

24. Galia

The name Galia is a girl’s name meaning “wave” and is of Hebrew origin. This is a perfect choice if you want something very feminine that stands out. You may also like: Gaetana, Galilea, Godiva

25. Georgina

The name Georgina is a girl’s name meaning “farmer” and is of English origin. This feminine form of George may be an excellent choice for parents who would like a Victorian-revival girls’ name that’s bold, frilly, and has a bit of twang. You may also like: Gardenia, Georiga, Grania

26. Gertrude

Gertrude is a girl’s name meaning “strong spear” and is of German origin. The name harkens back to a different era and is about as retro as it gets when choosing a name for your kid. You may also like: Greta, Golda, Gudrun

27. Guinevere

The name Guinevere is a girl’s name meaning “fair, white and smooth“ and is of Welsh origin. It’s not a particularly common name but can be shortened to Gwen, Eve, or Vera. You may also like: Genevieve, Genoveva, Giuseppina

28. Helene

Helene is a girl’s name meaning “bright, shining one” and is of French origin. This name sounds mature and aristocratic, but it’s also classically cool. You may also like: Helena, Helen, Honore

29. Heloise

The name Heloise is a girl’s name meaning “healthy, wide” and is of French origin. With old-fashioned names like Mable, Florence, and Harriet starting to make comebacks, some parents may want to consider a slightly more offbeat choice like Heloise. You may also like: Hermione, Henrietta, Hattie

30. Imelda

The name Imelda is a girl’s name meaning “entire battle” and is of Spanish origin. Looking for a name that’s feminine, sweet, and not super trendy? Imelda is a pretty and stately name, and if you want to shorten it to make it a bit more casual for a young child, you might nickname her Meli. You may also like: Imogen, Ismene, Iona

31. Ingrid

The name Ingrid is a girl’s name meaning “beautiful” and is of Norse origin. Clunky-yet-cool, there’s a reason this name is seeing a comeback. You may also like: Ianthe, Idony, Inga

32. Ivette

Ivette is a girl’s name meaning “yew” and is of Spanish origin. Ivette is short but packs plenty of personality. You may also like: Inez, Irina, Iris

33. Judith

Judith is a girl’s name meaning “woman from Judea” and is of Hebrew origin. Short and sweet, this would make an excellent middle name if it doesn’t work for your girl’s first. You may also like: Josephine, Jacinta, Jolene

34. Junia

The name Junia is a girl’s name meaning “queen of heaven” and is of Latin origin. Junia is perfectly adorable. And your baby doesn’t need to be born in June to use it. You may also like: Juna, Jemima, Jetta

35. Karenza

The name Karenza is a girl’s name meaning “loving” and is of Cornish origin. Karenza is a beautifully unique name that sounds retro and modern at the same time. You may also like: Katerina, Kestrel, Keturah, Kate

36. Leonie

Leonie is a girl’s name meaning “lion” and is of French origin. She’ll be as fierce as a lion with this female variant of Leo. You may also like: Lillian, Lucy, Lola, Lydia

37. Loretta

Loretta is a girl’s name meaning “laurel” and is of English origin. This Hollywood golden-era name is quickly becoming a favorite among the hipster baby set. You may also like: Lavinia, Lily, Lorraine

38. Magdalena

Magdalena is a girl’s name meaning “woman from Magdala” and is of Greek origin. Even though this name is elaborate, it still has Maggie, Lena, and Della as potential nickname options — which is always fun to think about! You may also like: Marion, Martha, Margaret

39. Melisande

The name Melisande is a girl’s name meaning “work, labor“ and is of French and German origin. This whimsical name comes with an array of nicknames (Mel, Meli, and Sandy) making it incredibly versatile. You may also like: Mallory, Mileva, Miranda

40. Millicent

Millicent is a girl’s name meaning “labor strength” and is of German origin. Definitely old-fashioned and much cuter when shortened to Millie. You may also like: Malvina, Mathilde, Minerva

41. Mysie

The name Mysie is a girl’s name meaning “pearl, child of light“ and is of Scottish origin. A classic, old-fashioned nickname for Margert that was once popular and is ready to come back into fashion. Why not get ahead of the trend and name your little one with this adorable moniker? You may also like: Mabel, Maple, Maisie

42. Nadine

The name Nadine is a girl’s name meaning “hope” and is of French origin. Nadine is an old-school name that doesn’t sound super old-timey, even though it was popular decades ago. You may also like: Nadia, Nerina, Natasha

43. Naoma

Naoma is a girl’s name meaning “pleasantness” and is of Hebrew origin. We think Naoma is a fitting twist on vintage-contemporary favorites like Noami and Noa. You may also like: Naomi, Nicola, Niamh

44. Nellie

Nellie is a girl’s name meaning “shining light” and is of English origin. This sweet nickname for Petronella, Cornelia, and Eleanor is a cute choice that still feels fresh. You may also like: Nessa, Neela, Neri

45. Norma

Norma is a girl’s name meaning “precept” and is of English origin. Norma is the quintessential grandma name! But just because it’s a blast from the past doesn’t mean it needs to stay there. You may also like: Nola, Nora, Nerissa

46. Omilly

Omilly is an invented girl’s name. Although its origins and roots can’t be traced back to any particular time or era, we think this name has plenty of vintage feels and sneaks in with on-trend names such as Emily. You may also like: Olympia, Octavia, Olive

47. Ondine

The name Ondine is a girl’s name meaning “little wave” and is of Latin origin. This pretty name is the perfect choice for someone looking for a unique old-fashioned name. You may also like: Ottoline, Ophira, Ophelia

48. Perla

The name Perla is a girl’s name meaning “pearl” and is of Italian origin. A vintage alternative to trendy Pearl, Perla is both sophisticated and sensible. You may also like: Paloma, Pearl, Peggy

49. Phyllis

The name Phyllis is a girl’s name meaning “foliage” and is of Greek origin. It’s time to give a nod to grandmothers everywhere and pass this name on to a new generation. You may also like: Patsy, Penina, Persis

50. Prudence

The name Prudence is a girl’s name meaning “provident” and is of English origin. Why not help give Prudence a comeback by calling your little girl this classic, old-timey name? You may also like: Parthenia, Perdita, Penelope

51. Raphaela

The name Raphaela is a girl’s name meaning “God has healed” and is of Hebrew origin. A charming feminine form of Raphael deserves a little more time in the spotlight. With adorable nicknames such as Ella and perhaps Ellie, we think this name has lots of potential. You may also like: Rhona, Rochelle, Ravenna

52. Rosalind

Rosalind is a girl’s name meaning “tender horse” and is of English origin. Sweet and floral sounding, although technically not a floral name, we still think this would make a charming vintage choice for a girl. You may also like: Rosaline, Ruby, Roxane

53. Selma

The name Selma is a girl’s name of unknown meaning and origin. One of the coolest retro baby names coming back into style; we love how laid-back the name sounds while also being grounded in history. You may also like: Sadie, Sophia, Selima

54. Temperance

The name Temperance is a girl’s name meaning “moderation or restraint” and is of English origin. It’s one of those names that fierce and is charmingly old-fashioned, which could make a great, unique name for your daughter. You may also like: Tempest, Tenebrae, Theodosia

55. Ursula

Ursula is a girl’s name meaning “she-bear” and is of Latin origin. If you love the grandma-chic name trend, then you will love Ursula! You may also like: Umbra, Umina, Ute

56. Verona

The name Verona is a girl’s place name and is of Italian origin. It’s a great choice if you want something vintage that isn’t being widely used right now. You may also like: Vanora, Vivian, Verena

57. Wanda

Wanda is a girl’s name meaning “wanderer” and is of Slavic origin. This short name is sweet and sassy and is more than worth considering to add to your list of possibilities for little girl’s names. You may also like: Wilda, Weaver, Winona

58. Wilhelmina

The name Wilhelmina is a girl’s name meaning “will-helmet” and is of German origin. On a more modern level, Wilhelmina offers great nickname options, like Willa and Mina. You may also like: Willa, Winora, Willian

59. Xanthe

Xanthe is a girl’s name meaning “bright” and is of Greek origin. This is a beautiful and unusual baby name that isn’t popular, so it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a rare moniker. You may also like: Xaedra, Xaviera, Xenia

60. Zenobia

Zenobia is a girl’s name meaning “life of Zeus” and is of Greek origin. With Greek origins, this name comes across as mythical, elegant, and anything but boring. You may also like: Zehava, Zina, Zinaida

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