Oren Meaning and Origin

The name Oren is a boy’s name meaning “pine tree” and is of Hebrew origin. Oren is a masculine name of Hebrew origin. In Hebrew, the name is spelled and pronounced “oh-REN”. The name means “pine tree” or “ash tree” in Hebrew. In addition to its Hebrew origins, Oren is also used as a given name in other cultures. In Welsh, it is a variant of the name Orin, which means “white” or “fair-haired”. In Turkish, it means “haven” or “refuge”. As a given name, Oren has been used in various forms throughout history. It has been used as a surname in some cases, and has been used as a first name for both boys and girls. Some notable people with the name Oren include Israeli politician Oren Hazan, American mathematician Oren Patashnik, and American journalist Oren Liebermann.

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