Orlow Meaning and Origin

The name Orlow is a boy’s name meaning “eagle” and is of German and Polish origin. In Poland, “Orłowski” is a surname that derives from the word “orzeł,” meaning “eagle.” Similarly to the Russian origin, it is likely to be associated with a noble or heraldic connection. n Russian, “Orlov” (Орлов) is a common surname derived from the word “орёл” (oryol), meaning “eagle.” It is a patronymic name indicating a family’s connection to a notable ancestor with the name Orlov. The name Orlov is associated with the noble Orlov family of Russia, which played a prominent role in the country’s history. “Orlow” is also a Jewish surname found among Ashkenazi Jews. It may have originated as an occupational name referring to someone involved in trading or selling gold, as the word “or” means “gold” in Yiddish and German. In German, “Orlow” can be a variant of the surname “Orloff” or “Orlovsky,” which is derived from the Russian “Orlov.” 

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