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Ove Meaning and Origin

The name Ove is a boy’s name meaning “blade or terror” and is of Scandinavian origin. The name “Ove” has different meanings depending on its origin. In Sweden, “Ove” is derived from the Old Norse name “Aghi,” which means “descendant of the ancestor” or “archer.” In Denmark and Norway, “Ove” is associated with the Old Norse name “Áleifr,” which means “ancestor’s descendant” or “heir of the ancestors.” The name “Ove” is more commonly found in Scandinavian countries, particularly in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. n Swedish culture, “Ove” is often considered an old-fashioned or traditional name. Variations and derivatives of the name “Ove” exist in different languages and regions. In Danish, the equivalent is “Ole.” In Norwegian, it can also be spelled as “Ole” or “Ola.”

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