quirky vintage names for boys

Quirky Vintage Baby Names for Boys

Step into a world where time-honored charm meets playful individuality with this curated collection of vintage baby names for boys. These vintage boy names transcend eras, weaving a tapestry of character and nostalgia while adding a dash of distinctive flair to your list. Rooted in history yet carrying an effervescent quirkiness, these vintage baby boy names beckon with their classic appeal and offbeat charm. Explore this treasury of vintage-inspired names that echo an era gone by while promising a fresh, unconventional vibe for your little boy. If you’re on the lookout for baby boys’ names or old-fashioned boy names with a vintage touch, this list provides a charming selection that combines timeless elegance with a hint of whimsy.


To carry (Hebrew name) Boy
The thing that makes this name unique is that even though it is vintage, it is still trendy enough to last throughout the times; it ranked #703 on the US popularity chart in 2020.
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To dip (English) Boy
Derived from Latin name and Greek, this name connotes a quirky vibe — in a good way.
You may also like: Basile, Beowulf, Bertram, Bert, Beau


Order, beauty (Italian) Boy
This Italian name is an excellent option for parents looking for an uncommon vintage name that is still easy to pronounce and spell.
You may also like: Calix, Castor, Clovis, Caleb, Clyde


Green valley (English) Boy
Place names are cool, and Denver is no exception. The name ranked 527 in 2020. We consider it to be a hidden gem baby name.
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Noble and famous (Old English name) Boy
Elmer is one of those vintage names that we rarely hear anymore, and that’s exactly why it should be on the list to consider.
You may also like: Elroy, Earl, Egbert, Elijah, Elias


Man of force (Scottish) Boy
Fergus sounds a little stuffy, but have no fear; a baby name with some age denotes wisdom and a quirky vintage style.
You may also like: Fairfax, Fenris, Foster, Felix, Frederick, Finn


Blond (Irish) Boy
And even though it’s certainly an unusual pick, it’s also charming and quirky, especially with the spelling that ends in “lby.”
You may also like: Grover, Gershom, Gaston, George


Hawthorn (German) Boy
While it’s not on the most popular baby name lists right now, it won’t turn any heads. Other than the fact that it’s super cute and quirky in a southern kind of way.
You may also like: Hamlet, Hansel, Hemming, Hugh, Hugo, Harry, Harold


Angle raven (German) Boy
Ingram is a perfectly quirky (and super uncommon) choice for a little boy. And to soften it, shortening it to Ing or Graham as nicknames could also be super cute for a young boy who hasn’t yet grown into his name.
You may also like: Innes, Inigo, Isidore


City of moons (Arabic) Boy
This vintage choice steeped in history is a cool and edgy choice for your little boy and can also be shortened to Jerry if you like that better.
You may also like: Janus, Jarvis, Jesper, James


Flax (Latin origin) Boy
Linus is a cute, bold choice — and a bit more quirky than something like Leo or Liam. It is currently not on any popularity charts, so there’s a good chance any Linus born this year won’t encounter another boy with the same name.
You may also like: Lester, Leroy, Luther, Lloyd, Lucas, Louis


Someone who lived on a marsh (English) Boy
Old-fashioned, solid, and quirky without feeling overdone.
You may also like: Montgomery, Myron, Melvin, Max, Michael, Mac


Homecoming (Greek name) Boy
Nestor means “homecoming” — the perfect vintage name for your new arrival.
You may also like: Nigel, Niall, Norris, Noah, Ned


Bear cub (French) Boy
A solid, old-fashioned name any little boy would be lucky to have.
You may also like: Otis, Odis, Otto, Oliver


A clearing in the woods (English) Boy
Rhodes is an old-fashioned name that has now become super rare and nostalgic. The nickname Odie is definitely a bonus for this one.
You may also like: Remus, Regis, Roald, Robert


Woodland (Latin) Boy
Parents looking for an old-school name dripping with quirky sophistication might want to consider Sylvester. While the nickname Sly is cute, there is something delightfully vintage about going with the full version.
You may also like: Sinclair, Sullivan, Spencer, Samuel, Theo, Theodore


Rule (German) Boy
Waldo is such a cute name in a quirky, hip old-fashioned way.
You may also like: Wallace, Wilbur, Wystan

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