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30 Rare Baby Boy Names That Aren’t Being Used

We know that choosing a name for your son is one of the most important and enjoyable (although sometimes stressful) decisions you’ll face when you’re about to become a parent. All parents want their babies to stand out. And what better way to guarantee that than by giving them a rare baby name? With all the classic and popular boy names out there, it can be challenging to find one that is less common, but we have 30 for you to consider. The Social Security Administration has published lists of the most popular names every year, and these rare boy names weren’t on them.

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1. Aston

Aston is a boy’s name of English origin, meaning: “East settlement.” This strong yet unique name certainly makes a statement. You may also like: Alger, Ardsley, Antoine


2. Brander

The name Brander is a boy’s name meaning “sword of fire” and is of Norse origin. Brander is a unique, creative name that fits an adventurous little boy who loves castles and knights. You may also like: Branton, Bretton, Bannon


3. Breyer

Breyer is a boy’s name meaning “a person who made and sold ale or beer” and is of English and German origin. Breyer is a name you likely don’t hear very often and, therefore, makes for a very unique name for your little boy. You may also like: Bridger, Breyon, Bromley


4. Cadrien

Cadrien is an invented girl’s or boy’s name that sounds like the name Adrien with a “c”. Cadrien somehow manages to sound familiar, sophisticated, and whimsical all at once. You may also like: Camdan, Cadogan, Cainan


5. Cashel

Cashel is a boy’s name meaning “fortress” and is of Irish origin. While originally a town located in Ireland, it makes for a unique first name, and it’s even got a cool nickname of Cash. You may also like: Carlyle, Cassius, Caspar


6. Diggory

Diggory is a boy’s name of French origin, meaning: “lost.” While the meaning isn’t as great as others on the list, Diggory strikes a nice balance: part-gentle boho name, part-adventurer. You may also like: Dempsey, Digby, Denton


7. Eagan

The name Eagan is a boy’s name meaning “fire” and is of Irish origin. Eagan has a fierce meaning that is a great way to pay tribute to your family’s Irish roots. You may also like: Eben, Ebbo, Edom


8. Emric

Emric is a boy’s name meaning “leader” and is of Teutonic origin. Emric is undoubtedly not a delicate-sounding name. Just the same, this moniker carries a strong meaning. You may also like: Emmerich, Emilien, Enoch


9. Fenton

The name Fenton is a boy’s name meaning “marsh settlement” and is of English origin. To some, a name like Fenton might sound a bit too uptight, but for those looking for a name that has a bit of a preppy flair, it could be a perfect choice. You may also like: Fenno, Fenris, Finnen


10. Gabin

Gabin is a boy’s name meaning “of Gabium” and is of French and Latin origin. Similar to the name Gavin, this name definitely gives off some major hipster boho vibes. You may also like: Gannon, Gabrien, Gaston


11. Heston

The name Heston is a boy’s name meaning “brushwood settlement” and is of English origin. This old-fashion name is getting a fresh face with the next generation. You may also like: Hagen, Hadrien, Hedeon


12. Ivar

Ivar is a boy’s name of Norse origin, meaning: yew wood, archer.” This old Norse Viking name is unpretentious and straightforward yet feels exotic. You may also like: Iagan, Idan, Ivo


13. Jesper

The name Jesper is a boy’s name meaning “treasure” and is of Danish via Persian origin. Jesper has a vintage, classic ring to it that radiates strength and refinement. You may also like: Jarret, Jensen, Jotham


14. Kendrix

The name Kendrix is a boy’s name meaning “royal chieftain“ and is of Scottish origin. A good, powerful name for your little boy, especially if your family has Scottish roots and you want your little one to keep something from his heritage. You may also like: Kenelm, Kenner, Kelton


15. Luther

Luther is a boy’s name of German origin, meaning: “people army.” For a unique, distinctive name with retro appeal, try Luther. You may also like: Lambert, Lothar, Lester


16. Merritt

The name Merritt is a unisex name meaning “boundary gate” and is of English origin. This boy’s name is a poetic and unique name for a special little boy. You may also like: Morrison, Maguire, Mercer


17. Noble

Noble is a boy’s name meaning “aristocratic” and is of Latin origin. It’s rarely used, so if you want to name your little one a word name that is original, this is a good choice. You may also like: Nevan, Naughton, Nixon


18. Orren

Orren is a boy’s name meaning “pine tree” and is of Hebrew origin. This name is the perfect choice for any parents looking to embody nature in their boy’s name. You may also like: OlenOrson, Oisin


19. Philo

The name Philo is a boy’s name meaning “love” and is of Greek origin. Part bohemian, part whimsical, Philo sounds similar to the popular Milo but only cooler. You may also like: Pherson, Phelan, Philemon


20. Prosper

The name Prosper is a boy’s name meaning “fortunate” and is of French origin. If you want to grant your child a great name, what better way than to give him a name that literally translates to mean “fortunate”? You may also like: Prewitt, Prescott, Preston


21. Quinlan

Quinlan is a boy’s name meaning “shapely, strong, or descendant of Caoinlean” and is of Irish origin. This name could be a great way of honoring your Irish ancestry, but then again, you don’t have to be of Irish descent to name your son Quilan if you like the sound of it. You may also like: Quincey, Quintus, Quaid


22. Roscoe

Roscoe is a boy’s name of English origin, meaning: “roe deer forest.” The name feels both classic and bohemian at the same time. With a cool nickname like Ross, this name is definitely a strong contender. You may also like: Rhodes, Raddix, Randall


23. Slater

The name Slater is a boy’s occupational name of English origin. If you’re looking for something fresh, modern, and interesting for your little boy – this might be it! You may also like: Salem, Seamus, Sirius


24. Stellan

The name Stellan is a boy’s name meaning “calm, or peaceful one” and is of Swedish origin. Stellan is definitely a name that embodies everything stylish and sounds hip and modern, not to mention it’s rarely used. You may also like: Soren, Stetson, Schuyler


25. Teigue

The name Teigue is a boy’s name meaning “poet or philosopher“ and is of Scottish origin. A quirky and whimsical-sounding name that carries a lovely meaning. You may also like: Taddeo, Tagus, Tiago


26. Vander

The name Vander is a boy’s name meaning “from the family of” and is of Dutch origin. While it hasn’t ever made any popularity lists in the US, that only makes it extra unusual. You may also like: Valor, Vernon, Vasco


27. Warner

Warner is a boy’s name of English origin, meaning: “guard army.” You might consider Warner if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary with timeless appeal. You may also like: Wallace, Walther, Wilson


28. Xion

Xion is a boy’s name meaning “highest point” and is of Hebrew origin. Xion is a short and adorable name that makes a statement, and it isn’t popular, either, which makes it a great, unusual choice. You may also like: Xander, Xavier, Xavius


29. York

York is a boy’s name of English origin, meaning: “yew.” This name with a retro, English feel is also a surname and place name from a city in England. You may also like: Yerik, Yoram, Yves


30. Zereck

The name Zereck is a boy’s modern invented name. Not only is his name a memorable one, but it’s also uncommon — and we’d be surprised if he ever bumped into anyone else with this name. You may also like: Zadok, Zenon, Zohan

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