47 Rare Italian Names for Girls You Haven’t Heard

If you are looking for rare Italian names for girls that you haven’t heard, then this list is for you. These names are both feminine and melodic, however, you won’t find Sophia or Isabella on this list. These Italian names for girls are anything but popular well, not in the US that is. Here are some rare Italian names for girls outside the top 1,000 for your little girl.

1. Agnella

2. Ambra

3. Balia

4. Bambina

5. Beronia

6. Bolsena

7. Bruna

8. Capria

9. Catalda

10. Celestina

11. Delfina

12. Edvige

13. Ellera

14. Fausta

15. Fia

16. Gaetana

17. Garbo

18. Gattara

19. Giuseppina

20. Hagne

21. Idalia

22. Jacobella

23. Lesina

24. Ludovica

25. Mabilia

26. Magari

27. Martedi

28. Massima

29. Mattea

30. Miuccia

31. Nicia

32. Ombra

33. Oria

34. Orsa

35. Pamina

36. Piera

37. Ravenna

38. Sarita

39. Serenella

40. Sorella

41. Telese

42. Terza

43. Tosca

44. Vallea

45. Varese

46. Vivia

47. Zelmira


We hope you enjoyed this list of rare Italian names for girls. What are your favorite rare Italian names for girls? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Lizzari

    another good one is Lizzari

    Lol thats my name

    im italian :3

    • Francesca Baudanza

      Another good one is Francesca. That is my name. You don’t hear that name very often. But they call me Frankie or my friends call me Frank. Lol… I’m used to Frank now. It would be strange if I heard someone say hello Francesca!! Such a shame, because it is a beautiful name.

  2. hi :V

    my name is italian its Elyana

  3. Michelle

    My nonnas name was Rosina it’s BEAUTIFUL


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