Raziya Meaning and Origin

The name Raziya is a girl’s name meaning “agreeable” and is of African Swahili origin. Raziya is a feminine name derived from the Arabic word “razi,” which means “pleased,” “satisfied,” or “contented.” Raziya is an important name with historical significance. One notable figure associated with the name is Sultan Raziya, also known as Razia Sultana. She was a ruler of the Delhi Sultanate in northern India during the 13th century. Raziya Sultana was the first and only female ruler of the Delhi Sultanate and is remembered for her intelligence, courage, and progressive rule. The popularity of the name Raziya varies across different regions and cultures. It is more commonly found in Arabic-speaking countries and regions influenced by Islamic culture. The name Raziya may have different variations or spellings, such as Razia, Raziyya, or Raziyyah, depending on regional or personal preferences. Simply put, it’s beyond beautiful — and has a certain aura about it that’s loving and warm. 

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