Remy Meaning and Origin

The name Remy is a unisex name meaning “oarsman” and is of French origin. Remy is a French name that originated from the Latin name “Remigius,” meaning “oarsman” or “rower.” It was derived from the Latin word “remex,” which means “oar.” The name is closely associated with Saint Rémy, a 5th-century bishop of Reims, France, who is often venerated as a saint. Remy is a unisex name, meaning it can be given to both boys and girls. It gained popularity as a masculine name in France but has also become increasingly used as a feminine name in English-speaking countries. The name Remy gained significant exposure and popularity due to its association with the animated movie “Ratatouille” released by Pixar Animation Studios in 2007. In the film, the main character is a male rat named Remy who aspires to become a renowned chef. In addition to Remy, the name can be spelled in various ways, including Rémy (with an accent), Remi, Remmy, Remmie, or Rémie.

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