Rocio Meaning and Origin

Rocio is a unisex name meaning “our lady of the dew” and is of Spanish origin. The name Rocio is of Spanish origin and holds a deep connection to nature and spirituality. Derived from the Spanish word “rocío,” meaning “dew” in English, it carries a sense of freshness, purity, and renewal. The name’s roots can be traced back to the Spanish-speaking world, where it’s often associated with religious symbolism, evoking the image of dewdrops glistening on leaves in the early morning light. Rocio is a name that encapsulates the serene beauty of dawn, capturing the essence of a new day’s beginnings. Like the dew that gently graces the earth, the name Rocio carries an air of tranquility and calmness. The popularity of the name Rocio has seen variations over time and across different regions. In Spanish-speaking countries, it has enjoyed a steady presence, often favored for its evocative imagery and cultural ties. While it might not have consistently ranked among the most popular names, its enduring allure ensures its continued use by parents seeking a name that holds both tradition and nature-inspired grace. Famous People: Rocío Dúrcal (1944–2006): A renowned Spanish singer and actress, Rocío Dúrcal achieved international fame for her melodious voice and emotional performances. Rocío Guirao Díaz: An Argentine model, actress, and television host, Rocío Guirao Díaz has gained prominence for her work in the fashion industry and her appearances on television shows in Argentina. Rocío Jurado (1946–2006): A highly acclaimed Spanish singer and actress, Rocío Jurado was known for her powerful voice and emotional depth. 

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