Sapphire Meaning and Origin

The name Sapphire is a girl’s name meaning “blue gemstone” and is of English origin. The name Sapphire is derived from the precious gemstone “sapphire,” which is known for its stunning blue color. The word “sapphire” itself originates from the Greek word “sappheiros,” which referred to blue stones, likely including lapis lazuli, a gemstone often confused with sapphire due to its blue hue. The name carries a sense of elegance and beauty, much like the gemstone it is associated with. Sapphire is a name that exudes a sense of luxury and uniqueness. Just like the gemstone after which it is named, the name Sapphire shines brightly and captures attention. It’s a name that is often chosen for its distinctive and captivating nature. Those named Sapphire are often associated with qualities like wisdom, sincerity, and a calm, soothing presence. Sapphire is a relatively uncommon name, which adds to its air of individuality and distinction. Famous People: Sapphire: A pseudonymous African American author known for her novel “Push,” which was later adapted into the film “Precious.” Sapphire Elia: An English actress and singer, known for her roles in TV series like “Emmerdale” and “My Almost Famous Family.”

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