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Sari Meaning and Origin

Sari is a girl’s name of Finnish origin, meaning “bird.” In Finland, Sari is a popular feminine given name. It is derived from the Finnish word “sariainen,” which means “sandpiper,” a type of bird. The name Sari is associated with nature, freedom, and the beauty of wildlife. Finnish form of Hebrew Sarah. Alternatively, in Persian, Sari is a city in northern Iran, located on the southern coast of the Caspian Sea. The name “Sari” means “sweet” or “pleasant” in Persian. Sari is also a popular female given name in India, derived from the traditional Indian garment called a sari or saree. A sari is a long, elegant drape typically worn by women in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and other South Asian countries. In Hebrew, Sari is a variant of the name Sarah. Sarah is a significant biblical name and means “princess” or “noblewoman” in Hebrew. Sari can be considered a diminutive or nickname for Sarah. Additionally, Sari is also a common Indonesian female given name, which means “essence” or “essence of life” in Indonesian. It is often used as a standalone name or as part of a compound name, such as Dewi Sari or Ani Sari.

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