Shandra Meaning and Origin

Shandra is a girl’s name of Sanskrit origin, meaning of the moon. The name “Shandra” is believed to be a modern and unique variation of the name “Chandra,” which has roots in various cultures and languages. It has been used in Hindu, Indian, and other South Asian cultures for centuries. “Shandra” likely emerged as a creative twist on this traditional name, possibly influenced by contemporary naming trends. Shandra is a name that exudes an air of individuality and elegance. Its modern and distinctive sound carries a hint of mystery, captivating the imagination with its uniqueness. The name conjures images of a person with a gentle yet confident presence, someone who walks their own path and embraces their identity with grace. Shandra possesses a timeless charm, appealing to those who appreciate names that are both rooted in tradition and infused with a touch of contemporary flair. “Shandra” is not among the most popular names in the United States or other English-speaking countries. It might be considered a less common choice, which could contribute to its sense of individuality and rarity. 

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