short and sweet names for boys

Short and Sweet Baby Names for Boys

A short and sweet baby name can make a big impact. There are several reasons you might choose a short baby name. One might be to balance out a lengthy last name. Another good reason for a short name is if you want to use a unique or elaborate middle name that you wouldn’t be able to use as a first name. Short names are also usually easier to spell and pronounce. And if you ask us short baby names just have such cool confidence about them – without trying too hard. These baby names for boys may be short in length, but they sure do pack a punch.

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Avon is a boy’s name of English origin that is from a settlement on one of the rivers called Avon or Aven. The river name is derived Celtic word abona for ‘river’. The name Avon is stylishly short and delightfully unusual.



Axel is a boy’s name of Scandinavian and German origin meaning: “father of peace” derived from the biblical name Absalom. Axel is strong, modern, and edgy with a European flair.



Bran is a boy’s name of Celtic origin meaning: “raven”. Bran was a popular name in Ireland and Wales during the Middle Ages. Bran is a familiar-sounding name that’s not commonly used. It reminds us of Celtic mythology and Game of Thrones.



Cole is a boy’s name of English origin meaning: “swarthy, coal-black, charcoal“. As a given name Cole was in rare use in the 19th century but grew in use as a given name late in the 20th century. Cole is a name that is simple and practical with a coolness factor.



Cruz is a boy’s name of Spanish origin meaning: “cross“. The name Cruz was originally a surname of Iberian origin first found in Castile, Spain. As a name, Cruz is short, easy, and strong with a trendy touch.



Dash is a boy’s name of English origin meaning: “someone who lived near an ash tree“. It is derived from the Old English word æsc. The name Dash is the perfect nickname for Dashiell or a statement name in its own right.



Ewan is a boy’s name of Scottish Gaelic origin meaning: “born from the yew tree“. Ewan is an anglicization of the Scottish Gaelic name, Eòghann which may be derived from the Pictish name, Vuen (or ‘Wen’). Ewan is a classic, strong, and masculine, name that is an underused gem.



Knox is a boy’s name of Scottish and English origin meaning: “a hillock or round-topped hill“. Knox was a topographic name for someone who lived on a hilltop, and a habitational name from places in Scotland and northern England. Knox is a name with the perfect amount of spunk and badass feel, it’s cool on a kid, but still wearable by an adult.



Mace (Mays) is a boy’s name of English origin meaning: “glorious victory“. The given name Mace is also a pet form of Matthew. Mace is a short and sweet name that is easily recognizable and won’t get lost on a playground of other boys with the same name.



Milo is a boy’s name of uncertain origin meaning: “gracious or yew”. It is believed by some sources that Milo is an Old Germanic name, brought to Britain by the Normans originally as the name Miles in the 11th century. Milo is an old name full of spunk and energy making it a youthful name that ages well.



Nash is a boy’s name of English origin meaning: “at the ash tree”. The name Nash comes from a topographic name for someone who lived by an ash tree. Nash is easy to say and spell. It has a familiarity without being common and is very American in the best of ways.



Noam is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin meaning: “pleasantness”. The name Noam is derived from the female name No’omi (Naomi or Noemi). Noam is a perfect alternative to the common Noah. It’s polished and different, while not being too odd.



Reid is a boy’s name of Scottish origin meaning: “red-haired one“. There are several possible sources for the name Reid, the most popular theory is that it is a nickname for a person with red hair or a ruddy complexion. Reid is handsome and down-to-earth but still a unique name with an edge of cool.



Tate is a unisex name of Norse and English origin meaning: “cheerful”. The name Tate is most likely from the Old Norse word “teitr”, meaning glad or cheerful. Tate is creative, short, and strong. It makes an adorable middle name but stands well on its own.



Zeno is a boy’s name of Greek origin meaning: “Zeus or newcomer”. The name Zeno is an anglicized form of the name Zenon derived from an ancient derivative of Zeus, the king of the gods in Greek mythology. Zeno is a name that sounds strong and unique without being hard to pronounce and recognize.

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