Short Unique Girl Names

60 Short Unique Girl Names

Good things come in small packages, like short baby girl names, especially classics and popular baby girl names. There was a time when short girl names were only used to complement a long last name or exclusively as middle names. Today, parents are increasingly using short names as given names. There are several benefits to choosing a short first name; they are simple, cute, and easy to spell and pronounce. And if you ask us, short baby names are just plain cool. So if you’re looking for short unique girl names that pack a punch, look no further than this list of short, sweet baby girl names; we think there’s a bunch of unique baby girl names on this list you’re going to love. If you’re on the hunt for a moniker that is both classic and short, or if you prefer popular baby girl names that are short and sweet, this list offers a delightful array of options.

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1. Anya

Russian origin, meaning: Gracious
Similar names: Anne, Alma, Arya

2. Aris

Greek origin, meaning: Best; ruin, bane
Similar names: Ari, Aria, Avery

3. Asya

Swahili origin, meaning: Born in a time of grief
Similar names: Ayla, Aster, Amara

4. Aura

Latin word, meaning: Glowing light
Similar names: Ava, Audra, Annie

5. Beah

Latin origin, meaning: Bringer of happiness
Similar names: Bea, Bella, Blair

6. Bina

Yiddish or Hebrew origin, meaning: Understanding
Similar names: Brie, Becca, Belle

7. Bria

Irish and Italian origin, meaning: Hill; vigor, liveliness
Similar names: Bryn, Briar, Bari

8. Caia

Latin name, meaning: Rejoice
Similar names: Cora, Cali, Capri

9. Cher

French origin, meaning: Dear
Similar names: Chloe, Carly, Cleo

10. Dara

Irish origin, meaning: Son of oak
Similar names: Demi, Desi, Drew

11. Dora

Greek origin, meaning: Gift
Similar names: Daisy, Dale, Dulce

12. Drea

Greek origin, meaning: Courageous
Similar names: Della, Delia, Dori

13. Eira

Welsh, Norwegian origin, meaning: Snow, merciful
Similar names: Eva, Faye, Eliza

14. Elsa

Swedish origin, meaning: Pledged to god
Similar names: Ella, Elle, Emily

15. Enya

Irish origin, meaning: Fire
Similar names: Emma, Eden, Emmy

16. Evra

Modern invented name
Similar names: Eve, Evie, Emery

17. Gaia

Greek origin, meaning: Goddess of earth
Similar names: Grace, Galia, Gemma

18. Hira

Sanskrit origin, meaning: Diamond
Similar names: Hazel, Hani, Hayes

19. Ila

French origin, meaning: From the island
Similar names: Idra, Ilana, Isla

20. Ilse

German and Dutch origin, meaning: God is my oath
Similar names: Isha, Idris, Ilsa

21. Inez

Portuguese origin, meaning: Pure
Similar names: Ivory, Indra, Imani

22. Iona

Scottish origin, meaning: Place name
Similar names: Idina, Irina, Idara

23. Isa

Arabic origin, meaning: Jesus
Similar names: Ivy, Iris, India

24. Jem

Jem is used as a short form for names such as Jemima, Jeremiah, Jeremy, and Jemma.
Similar names: Jade, June, Jolie

25. Kaya

Scandinavian, Native American origin, meaning: Pure, my older sister
Similar names: Kate, Kim, Kylie

26. Lani

Polynesian origin, meaning: Sky, heaven
Similar names: Lucy, Layla, Lacey

27. Lark

English origin, meaning: Bird
Similar names: Lyla, Lilac, Leona

28. Leva

Hebrew origin, meaning: Moon or white
Similar names: Lola, Lana, Lena

29. Liv

Norse origin, meaning: Life
Similar names: Lily, Lisa, Lucia

30. Lyra

Greek origin, meaning: Lyre
Similar names: Luna, Lexi, Leva

31. Macy

English origin, meaning: Hill
Similar names: Macie, Mazie, Maple

32. Mazi

African Nigerian origin, meaning: Sir
Similar names: Maya, Miley, Molly

33. Mika

Japanese origin, meaning: Beautiful fragrance
Similar names: Mia, Mila, Mira

34. Navy

English origin, meaning: Color name
Similar names: Nala, Nolen, Naya

35. Neve

Irish origin, meaning: Brightness or beauty
Similar names: Nellie, Noor, Nelly

36. Nola

Gaelic origin, meaning: Fair
Similar names: Nova, Noe, Nora

37. Oda

German origin, meaning: Wealth, fortune
Similar names: Opal, Odeda, Odile

38. Oona

Irish origin, meaning: Lamb
Similar names: Oana, Ohara, Olea

39. Orla

Irish origin, meaning: Gold princess
Similar names: Quinn, Olive, Onyx

40. Posy

English origin, meaning: A bunch of flowers
Similar names: Paige, Poppy, Peri

41. Prue

French via Latin origin, meaning: Good judgment
Similar names: Piper, Pearl, Pia

42. Rita

Spanish origin, meaning: Pearl
Similar names: Raya, River, Rose

43. Roxy

Persian origin, meaning: Dawn
Similar names: Roux, Rai, Reva

44. Rumi

Japanese origin, meaning: Lapiz lazuli
Similar names: Ruby, Remi, Rylee

45. Runa

Scandinavian origin, meaning: Rune
Similar names: Ruth, Rosa, Rue

46. Ryla

Irish origin, meaning: Little king
Similar names: Rian, Ren, Ria

47. Shea

Irish origin, meaning: Admirable
Similar names: Skye, Scout, Shay

48. Svea

Scandinavian origin, meaning: Powerful maiden
Similar names: Sofia, Sage, Storm

49. Taya

Japanese, Swahili origin, meaning: Young, jaw
Similar names: Tansy, Tess, Teva

50. Tia

Spanish origin, meaning: Aunt
Similar names: Terra, Thea, Tacy

51. Tria

Modern invented name
Similar names: Tabia, Tana, Tania

52. Tyra

Norse origin, meaning: War
Similar names: Tora, Tilly, Tiasa

53. Uma

Hebrew, Sanskrit origin, meaning: Nation, tranquillity
Similar names: Una, Ulla, Uxia

54. Veda

Sanskrit origin, meaning: Knowledge
Similar names: Vera, Vida, Vela

55. Vita

Latin origin, meaning: Life
Similar names: Valli, Velma, Vaila

56. Xena

 Greek name, meaning: Foreigner
Similar names: Wren, Xael, Xenia

57. Zana

Albanian origin, meaning: Fairy of the mountain
Similar names: Zada, Zala, Zea

58. Zera

Hebrew name, meaning: Seed
Similar names: Zara, Zelda, Zaira

59. Zoa

Greek origin, meaning: Life
Similar names: Zoe, Zemi, Zella

60. Zula

English and African origin, meaning: Tribal name
Similar names: Zuri, Zaire, Zari

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