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Shula Meaning and Origin

Shula is a girl’s name meaning “peacefulness” and is of Hebrew origin. A variant of the Hebrew name Shulamit, it can also be a feminine given name that means “flame” or “fiery.” Shula can be spelled in various ways, including Shulah, Shulamith, or Shulamit. Shula is also a Swahili name that means “calm” or “tranquil.” It is often used as a feminine given name in East African regions. In Croatian it is asurname derived from the given name Šula a diminutive of the name Šimun (Simon) or Šimunova, which means “one who listens” or “one who hears.” In the realm of American football, Don Shula was a renowned coach in the National Football League (NFL). He is considered one of the greatest coaches in NFL history, having achieved numerous records and led the Miami Dolphins to two Super Bowl victories.

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