Socorro Meaning and Origin

Socorro is a girl’s name meaning “our lady of perpetual succor, assistance” and is of Spanish origin. The name “Socorro” has its origins in Spanish and Portuguese languages. It is derived from the Spanish word “socorro,” which means “help” or “assistance.” The name embodies a sense of support and aid, carrying a compassionate and uplifting connotation. Socorro is a name that resonates with kindness and compassion. Like a beacon of light in times of darkness, it encapsulates the spirit of assistance and the willingness to lend a helping hand. Socorro is not as common as some other names, which adds to its uniqueness and charm. Famous People: Socorro Ramos: Known as “Nanay Coring,” she is a Filipino entrepreneur and founder of National Book Store, one of the largest bookstore chains in the Philippines. Socorro Rivera Diaz: An acclaimed Puerto Rican educator and author who has contributed significantly to the fields of education and children’s literature. Socorro Acioli: A Brazilian author renowned for her captivating storytelling, particularly in the realm of children’s and young adult literature.

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