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15 Super Unusual Girl Names Worth Consideration

Selecting a baby name that feels truly unique in 2021 is no easy feat. Adventurous parents-to-be who are interested in an unusual and out-of-the-ordinary baby name have many choices these days. Whether you’re seeking a name that stands out from the rest of the playground or one that reflects your child’s individuality, we’ve got 15 unusual names for girls worth considering.

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1. Abla

Woman with a full figure (Arabic)
Abla is a cool fresh name for a young girl. It comes from both Arabic and Swahili — so it’s full of worldly charm.
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2. Brean

From the fairy place (Irish)
Some may choose it because they love Irish name options. Either way, this is an unexpected and modern choice for a little girl.
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Berlin, Bride, Bionda


3. Coira

Seething pool (Scottish)
She is just a step away from the familiar Cora, with a whimsical appeal that is dreamy and ready for adventure.
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Carnegie, Cailean, Cambria


4. Enya

Fire (Irish)
Enya makes for one rare title, perfect for a fiery little girl. One must wonder why parents haven’t scooped up this captivating name considering that it would fit in perfectly alongside the likes of Ella and Emma.
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Enid, Edda, Edolie


5. Golda

Gold (Hebrew)
There is a fantastical element to this name, perhaps a bit too regal sounding for some, but for the right girl, it would be an amazing moniker.
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Garbo, Gudrun, Granetta


6. Jetta

Jet (English)
This quirky name has that instant cool factor that all names that start with -etta always have.
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Jesaray, Jubilee, Jendayi


7. Malin

High tower or woman of Magdela (Scandinavian, Finnish, and Swedish)
Making waves throughout the Scandinavian world, Malin is sweet and stylish for a little baby and grown woman.
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Monet, Minette, Mabilia


8. Marvela

Marvel (Latin)
Doesn’t this name sound Game of Thrones chic? And for parents wanting a good nickname option, how about Ella or Vela?
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Martine, Maitland, Monroe


9. Phinea

Invented name (Modern)
This name hits the sweet spot of sounding vintage classic but not being overused.
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Prunella, Prune, Perrine


10. Roisin

Little rose (Irish)
Roisin is still really uncommon for girls, making it fresh and unusual. This name also has a fun nickname option in Rosie.
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Rella, Rozara, Runa


11. Sidony

Man from Sidon (Latin)
Sidony is a name that is both elegant and interesting, magical and romantic.
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Signy, Sybil, Sigrid


12. Sula

Peace (Hebrew)
Sula is a fabulous alternative to many of the other popular short baby names, especially since it looks amazing as a standalone name.
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Savitri, Sigourney, Sinead


13. Thora

Thunder goddess (Norse)
An ancient Viking treasure, Thora is one mythical name that hasn’t been discovered, though it has an extraordinary meaning and is a less popular alternative to Thea.
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Thisbe, Tacey, Tawny


14. Ulani

Cheerful (Hawaiian)
In Hawaiian, Ulani means cheerful. And isn’t that the perfect description for your baby girl?
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Umbra, Umina, Usha


15. Vanora

White wave (Scottish)
Vanora is a Scottish title full of radiance and wonder. This adorable girl’s baby name is one for the books. It’s simply too lovely to pass up.
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Vere, Valista, Vanora


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