Sureyya Meaning and Origin

Sureyya is a girl’s name of Turkish origin, meaning “the Pleiades, bright star”. The name Sureyya (also spelled as Süreyya or Sareyya) is of Turkish origin. It has roots in Arabic and Persian languages. The name is commonly given to girls and holds a special meaning, often associated with celestial beauty and brilliance. The name’s etymology can be traced back to the Arabic word “suhayl,” which means “bright star” or “morning star.” It symbolizes radiance, elegance, and a sense of illumination. Sureyya is a name that carries a sense of enchantment and timeless beauty. The popularity of the name Sureyya varies across different regions and periods. In Turkish-speaking countries and communities, the name holds a level of familiarity and cultural significance. It may experience fluctuations in popularity over time, but its timeless charm ensures that it remains a name of choice for families seeking a name with a deep and meaningful essence.

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