Tagus Meaning and Origin

The name Tagus is a river name of Latin origin. The Latin name “Tagus” has historical significance as it was the name of a major river in the Iberian Peninsula, which is present-day Portugal and Spain. The Tagus River, also known as the Tajo in Spanish and Tejo in Portuguese, flows through both of these countries and holds great importance in their history, culture, and geography. The name “Tagus” conjures images of a majestic and meandering river, winding its way through picturesque landscapes and historical cities. The Tagus River has been a witness to countless moments in history, from ancient civilizations to medieval kingdoms and modern urban centers. Its waters have reflected the changing times and cultures of the region, making it a symbol of continuity and resilience. While “Tagus” is not commonly used as a personal name in modern times, its association with the famous river and its historical and cultural significance make it a unique and intriguing choice. 

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