Tiernan Meaning and Origin

Tiernan is a boy’s name meaning lord or master and is of Irish origin. From the Gaelic name Tighearnán, which means “little lord” or “lord of small things”. This name was traditionally given to the youngest son of a noble family, as they were not expected to inherit the family estate and were therefore considered to be “little lords”. Another possible origin of the name Tiernan is from the Gaelic word “tighearna”, which means “lord” or “master”. This name was often given to people who held positions of authority or were respected leaders within their communities. The name Tiernan has become increasingly popular as a first name in Ireland and other English-speaking countries in recent years. It is often given to boys, but can also be used as a unisex name. Famous people with the name Tiernan include Tiernan McCann, a Gaelic footballer from Northern Ireland, and Tiernan O’Halloran, an Irish rugby player.

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