Tolliver Meaning and Origin

The name Tolliver is a boy’s name meaning “metalworker” and is of English origin. The name Tolliver carries with it a rich history and a captivating meaning. It finds its origins in the Old English language, specifically from the words “toll” meaning metal, and “gefera” meaning worker. The name carries a timeless quality, making it suitable for both traditional and contemporary contexts. The name Tolliver has maintained a sense of uniqueness and charm throughout its history. While not as widely used as some more common names, this exclusivity adds to its allure. Famous People: Lionel Tolliver: An influential jazz trumpeter and composer, Lionel Tolliver is celebrated for his innovative contributions to the world of music. Tolliver Hughes: An accomplished author and historian, Tolliver Hughes has delved into the annals of history to uncover hidden stories and shed light on forgotten narratives. Tolliver Smith: A contemporary artist known for his captivating and thought-provoking artwork. 

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