Topaz Meaning and Origin

Topaz is a girl’s name meaning “gemstone” and is of Greek origin. The name “Topaz” has a rich history and is associated with both ancient lore and modern elegance. The word “topaz” originates from the Greek word “topazion” or “topazos,” which was derived from the Sanskrit word “tapas,” meaning “fire.” This etymology reflects the stone’s striking color variations that resemble the flickering flames of a fire. The name “Topaz” evokes a sense of allure and mystery, much like the gemstone itself. Just as a topaz gemstone can come in various shades, from pale blue to fiery orange, the name holds a captivating quality that makes it suitable for both bold and serene personalities. As a given name, “Topaz” is relatively rare but has gained attention for its distinctiveness and beauty. 

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