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Torger Meaning and Origin

The name Torger is a boy’s name meaning “Thor spear” and is of Norwegian origin. The name Torger is primarily found in Norway and other Nordic countries. It is derived from the Old Norse name Þórgeirr, which combines “Þór,” the name of the Norse god of thunder (equivalent to the Germanic god Thor), and “geirr,” meaning “spear.” Therefore, the name Torger can be interpreted to mean “Thor’s spear” or “spear of Thor.” Torger is a name that resonates with strength, heritage, and a touch of mythology. With its origins rooted in the ancient Norse culture, the name carries an aura of bravery and resilience. Torger is a relatively uncommon name in many parts of the world. Its unique combination of sounds and its tie to Norse mythology give it an air of exclusivity.

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