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Unique but Beautiful Flower Names for Girls That Go Beyond Rose

There are only some things that you can compare to a flower’s delicate beauty, and your baby girl is definitely one of them. So why not name her after something beautiful, pure, and dainty like a flower? Flower names for girls became popular starting around the 18th century and today are more popular than ever. Thanks to an increase in vintage baby names and celebrities naming their children after flowers, it’s no surprise. And while almost everyone has met or heard of somebody named Rose, Lily, or Daisy, we thought we’d make a list with some of the more uncommon and unheard-of flower baby girl names so you can give your baby girl a name that’s as unique as she will be.

Unique flower names are a popular choice for parents who want a name that is both beautiful and distinctive. These names are often inspired by the natural world, with many names referencing flowers that are not commonly used as names. Unique flower names often have a lyrical or whimsical quality, with many names featuring unusual sounds or combinations of letters. These names can be a perfect choice for parents who want a name that stands out from the crowd while still maintaining a connection to nature and beauty. Some unique flower names include Amaryllis, Dahlia, Marigold, Lotus, and Primrose. These names are both feminine and strong, with each one carrying a unique charm and personality. Whether you’re drawn to the delicate beauty of flowers or simply want a name that is both unusual and meaningful, flower baby names offer a wealth of options for parents.  Read on to find a gorgeous unique flower name for your baby girl.



The Acacia is a flowering shrub of yellow or white blossom. Acacia is derived from the Greek word akakia. In Greek mythology, the acacia tree symbolizes immortality and resurrection. This exotic floral name has a stylish ring to it and makes a lovely way to get to the nickname, Sia. You may also like: Azalea



Anthea’s are pale yellow flowering plant that are known to attract butterflies. This name is an interesting choice if you are looking for a unique floral name with ties to mythology. A beautiful Anthea will catch the eye of anyone. You may also like: Amaryllis



This deciduous and evergreen shrub means “dry” in Greek. An exotic alternative to more traditional flower-based names, the Azalea’s bright pink flowers symbolize femininity and softness, just like the name. Azalea flowers are associated with good luck and are popular flowers during the Christmas season. You may also like: Anthea



Bryony is a green-flowered vine with heart-shaped leaves, and the meaning “to sprout” symbolizes motherhood and new beginnings, making it a meaningful name choice for a baby girl. You may also like: Blossom



Calla lilies are gracefully shaped flowers that come in a range of colors, from white and pale pink to deep burgundy. We think this gorgeous flower name fits in nicely with all the Ellas but is still unique enough that your daughter will feel special with this name. You may also like: Clover



Cassia is a Greek girl’s name meaning “cinnamon, spice” it is also a blooming tree with clusters of golden flowers known for emitting its spicy and sweet fragrance. It’s darling and contemporary, a bit unusual but definitely not unheard of, making this aromatic name a perfect pick for many. You may also like: Canna



Dahlia is a Hebrew name that exudes confidence and elegance, just like its beautiful bright purple and red flowers. Luckily this name is shaking off its past negative associations and is becoming popular again. You may also like: Daffodil



The delphine is a perennial flower that comes in gorgeous shades of blue, pink, white, and purple. This chic, French name is something we wish we heard more often. It’s much less common than the popular Lily and Rose but still maintains the same air of sophistication and grace. You may also like: Daphne



Fiorella is girl’s name meaning “flower.” This lyrical Italian name looks very feminine and gentle on paper; and retains strength when spoken. Not to mention you can also shorten it to Ella. You may also like: Fleur



Floriana is a girl’s name meaning “flowering. Floriana is elegant and charming, with loads of options for creative nicknames (Flo, Flora, even Florie or Riana). You may also like: Forsythia



A flower name of Latin origin and a popular flower in bridal bouquets due to its whimsical, wildflower appearance. They come in a variety of colors from all over the rainbow. Fressia is a refreshing choice compared to the overused Flora. You may also like: Heather



Gardenias are strongly scented white heavenly flowers that bloom from about mid-spring to mid-summer. Between the beautiful image this name evokes, its southern charm, its on-trend sound, and the irresistible nicknames it inspires (Denia, Nia), Gardenia is sure to please. You may also like: Holly



The name Gelsey is a girl’s name meaning “flower.”  As a name, Gelsey has yet to catch on. It’s too bad because aside from its very positive floral meaning, it has a trendy sound. As the once-popular Kelsey starts to go out of fashion, Gelsey could move in to replace it. You may also like: Garance



Ianthe is a girl’s name meaning: “violet, purple flower.” While most floral names evoke softness and femininity, Ianthe is a name that’s got some spunk. It’s especially perfect for lovers of Greek mythology. You may also like: Iris



Jessamine is a girl’s name meaning “jasmine flower.” The jasmine flower is a fragrant, pretty climbing flower often used to produce perfumes as it has a beautiful scent. Jessamine is an excellent choice for parents who like the sound of “Jasmine” but want something a little less common. And your little girl will love that she’s named after a beautifully delicate, fragrant flower. You may also like: Jacinta



Larkspur is a flower from the buttercup family; their colorful blooms cover a spectrum from white to blue to violet. A standout flower like this one is perfect as an unforgettable name. You may also like: Lotus, Lavender



Lilla is a girl’s name meaning “from the lily flower.” Lily flowers have beautiful blossoms that bloom brightly in many colors. The flower symbolizes innocence, purity, and beauty. Those who love lilies might want to reconsider going with the obvious name Lily and choose Lilla instead. Still short and sweet, Lilla has a more distinctive sound. We hope it’s only a matter of time before Lilla catches on. With similarities to Lily and Ella, Lilla is a natural contender for the top 1,000 baby names. You may also like: Leilani



Lunaria is a girl’s name meaning “flower.” This name is super elegant with a regal feel and comes with the built-in nickname of Luna. You may also like: LiIlac



Marigolds are a cheery golden, orange-and-yellow flower that is the perfect name for your little ray of sunshine. The Old English name of the flower was golde ‘gold’ a reference to the color. This floral name also lends itself to some pretty cute nicknames, including Mary, Margo, Maggie, Mari, Goldie, and Ari. You may also like: Magnolia



Ornella is a girl’s name meaning “flowering ash tree.” Ornella is a unique name with vintage charm and numerous nickname opportunities if you’re worried about wearability (Nella, Nellie, Nell, Elle, Ella, etc.). You may also like: Narcissa



Peony’s are large, often fragrant flowers in colors ranging from purple and pink to red, white, or yellow. This spring blossom can brighten any day, just like a baby girl of the same name. You may also like: Primrose



Petal is an English word name for the brightly colored leaves of a flower. Just like soft petals, the baby girl with this name will be as delicate as its namesake. You may also like: Petula



Posey is a girl’s name meaning “a bunch of flowers .“ Sometimes used as a nickname for Josephine, Petal is an excellent alternative to Poppy. You may also like: Poinsettia, Marguerite



Primrose is a girl’s English name meaning “first rose”.The primrose flower comes in lots of colors, including red, yellow, blue, blue-purple, white, and cream. There’s a delicacy to primrose flowers as they represent purity, innocence, and cheerfulness, which are great qualities to have in a name. You may also like: Posy, Petunia



Rhoswen is a girl’s name meaning “white rose.“ A girl with this name is destined to be just as breathtaking as a bright bouquet full of white roses. You may also like: Ren



Rosalie is a girl’s name meaning “rose.”  A beautiful variation of the name Rose, a flower full of meaning — depending on the color, they’re associated with love, friendship, gratitude, and enchantment. You may also like: Rosemary



The name Sanna is a girl’s name meaning “lily flower.” This energetic floral name is ready to hit the playground with friends like Sienna or Savannah. Add the attraction of lily blossom, and there’s no reason why Sanna shouldn’t make your list of favorites. You may also like: Saffron



Tansy is a tiny yellow button-like flower that is seemingly innocent, but the tansy flower is actually a declaration of war. These delicate but fierce flowers make for a familiar floral name that’s anything but ordinary. You may also like: Rue



Wisterias are fragrant cascading flowers of a pea tree, which are typically pale bluish-lilac. There is something mysterious and whimsical about this as a name, and Wisteria sounds a lot more powerful and exotic than other names like Lily and Rose. You may also like: Waris, Yarrow



Zinnias are bright flowers that resemble daisies but are more vibrant in colors; they are known to attract butterflies. The girl with this name will have a personality just as colorful as the variations of this blossom. You may also like: Zahara, Yasmin


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