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Vance Meaning and Origin

Vance is a boy’s name meaning “dweller by the marsh” and is of English and Scottish origin. It is derived from an Old English and Old Scottish word “fenn” or “fen,” which means “marsh” or “wetland,” and the suffix “-ce,” which could signify a “dweller” or “resider.” Therefore, Vance can be interpreted to mean “dweller by the marsh” or “one who lives near wetlands.” Vance is a name that exudes a sense of quiet resilience, and it’s a great choice for someone who values both tradition and a connection to the natural world. Vance is a name that has maintained a modest level of popularity over the years. It’s not overly common, which adds to its uniqueness. Its popularity has seen some fluctuations, but it has remained a solid choice for parents looking for a name that is both classic and distinct. Famous People Named Vance: Vance Joy: This Australian singer-songwriter, whose real name is James Keogh, adopted the stage name Vance Joy. Vance DeGeneres: Vance DeGeneres is an American actor, comedian, musician, and producer. Vance Brand: Vance Brand is a former NASA astronaut known for his significant contributions to the Apollo and Space Shuttle programs.

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