60 Victorian Girl Names

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While baby girl names like Adelaide, Bernadine, Dorothea, and Lucrezia might sound old-fashioned and a bit stuffy, these Victorian names are making a long-overdue comeback. The Victorian era was throughout Queen Victoria’s reign in the United Kingdom. The Victorian era excludes royalty and elegance, much like the names on this list; it’s no wonder that parents are looking back to this period for inspiration when choosing names for their daughters. So if you love the Victorian era or just want to give your daughter a classically beautiful baby name, here are 60 stunning victorian girl name options from back then.


1. Adelaide

Origin: English
Meaning: Noble
You may also like: Ada


2. Alderose

Origin: English
Meaning: Old rose
You may also like: Adelia


3. Alethea

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Truth
You may also like: Alice


4. Antoinetta

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Praiseworthy
You may also like: Anna, Annie


5. Arabella

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Uncertain
You may also like: Amy


6. Athaliah

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: God is exalted
You may also like: Alma


7. Beatrice

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Bringer of happiness


8. Bellamira

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Beautiful, wondrous


9. Bernadine

Origin: German
Meaning: Brave as a bear


10. Cecelia

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Blind
You may also like: Charlotte


11. Clarinda

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Bright, clear
You may also like: Katherine


12. Clementina

Origin: Latin, French
Meaning: Merciful
You may also like: Caroline


13. Constance

Origin: English
Meaning: Constant, steadfast
You may also like: Catherine


14. Cordelia

Origin: Latin, Celtic
Meaning: Heart, the jewel of the sea


15. Cornelia

Origin: Irish
Meaning: Strong-willed or wise


16. Deidamia

Origin: Greek
Meaning: She who is patient in battle


17. Dorothea

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Gift of God
You may also like: Dorothy


18. Edwina

Origin: English
Meaning: Wealthy friend (the feminine form of Edwin)
You may also like: Edith


19. Elenora

Origin: Spanish, Italian
Meaning: Bright, shining one
You may also like: Ellen


20. Emmeline

Origin: German, French, English
Meaning: Work
You may also like: Effie


21. Ernestine

Origin: English
Meaning: Determined, earnest


22. Esmeralda

Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Emerald
You may also like: Ella


23. Eudora

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Generous gift


24. Euphemia

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Well-spoken


25. Evangeline

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Gospel


26. Florence

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Blossom
You may also like: Flora


27. Genevieve

Origin: Celtic
Meaning: Woman of the race


28. Gertrude

Origin: German
Meaning: Strong spear


29. Harriet

Origin: French, English
Meaning: Estate ruler


30. Henrietta

Origin: English
Meaning: Ruler of the home


31. Hermione

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Messenger of God


32. Hesperance

Origin: English from Spanish and Italian
Meaning: Hope


33. Imogene

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Maiden, innocent


34. Josephina

Origin: French, English
Meaning: God will increase
You may also like: Josephine, Julia


35. Keturah

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Incense
You may also like: Kate


36. Lavinia

Origin: Latin
Meaning: From Lavinium
You may also like: Lula


37. Leonora

Origin: Italian
Meaning: Light
You may also like: Lottie


38. Louisa

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Famous warrior
You may also like: Louise


39. Lucinda

Origin: Spanish and Latin
Meaning: Light
You may also like: Luella


40. Marguerite

Origin: French
Meaning: Pearl, daisy
You may also like: Margaret


41. Marjorie

Origin: Scottish
Meaning: Pearl
You may also like: Mabel


42. Matilda

Origin: German
Meaning: Strength in battle


43. Mildred

Origin: English
Meaning: Gentle strength


44. Millicent

Origin: German
Meaning: Labor strength


45. Minerva

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Intellect


46. Novella

Origin: Latin
Meaning: New, young


47. Octavia

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Eighth


48. Ophelia

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Help


49. Ottilie

Origin: German
Meaning: Riches


50. Petronia

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Rock, crag


51. Philomena

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Lover of strength


52. Prudence

Origin: English
Meaning: Provident


53. Rosetta

Origin: Italian, Persian
Meaning: Splendid


54. Sophronia

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Sensible, prudent
You may also like: Sophia, Sophie


55. Tabitha

Origin: English from Aramaic
Meaning: Gazelle


56. Theodora

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Gift of god


57. Thomasine

Origin: Aramaic
Meaning: Twin


58. Vesperina

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Evening star
You may also like: Violet, Viola


59. Wilhelmina

Origin: German
Meaning: Will-helmet


60. Winifred

Origin: Welsh
Meaning: Blessed, reconciled



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