Viveca Meaning and Origin

Viveca is exotic with weight and quiet dignity. It’s a gorgeous, crisp, and unexpected name that nobody seems to have. The name Viveca is a girl’s name meaning “alive” and is of Scandinavian origin. Viveca is a Scandinavian form of Vivian. Alternatively, it is also a Latinized form of the name Wibeke derived from a Low German and West Frisian diminutive of female given names like Wigburg which begin with the Germanic element wig- (battle). Viveca spelled Viveka is one of the four means to salvation in the Hindu religion meaning “Spiritual Discrimination”. The name Viveca is currently not in the US top 1,000 names. Viveca pairs well with the middle name Jade. Similar names to consider are ViviaSenecaBiancaIngridCalista
Lists with the name Viveca: 24 Of The Prettiest Girl Names You Haven’t Heard

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viveca name meaning
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