Wilmer Meaning and Origin

The name Wilmer is a unisex name meaning “determined fame” and is of English origin. From Old English given name derived from wil ‘will, desire’ and mær ‘famous’. Alternatively derived from the Old Germanic words “wil” meaning “desire” or “will” and “maer” meaning “famous” or “renowned”. Therefore, the name Wilmer means “famous desire” or “renowned will”. The name Wilmer has been used in several cultures around the world, including in the United States, Germany, and the Philippines. In the United States, the name was most popular in the early 20th century, but it has declined in popularity since then. Famous people with the name Wilmer include the American actor Wilmer Valderrama, known for his roles in “That 70s Show” and “NCIS”, and the American football player Wilmer Fowler, who played for the Cleveland Browns in the 1940s.

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