Yanlin Meaning and Origin

Yanlin is a girl’s name meaning “swallow forest, beautiful gem” and is of Chinese origin. In Chinese, “Yanlin” is a unisex name composed of two characters. “Yan” can mean “color” or “face,” and “lin” can mean “jade” or “gem.” Therefore, “Yanlin” can be interpreted as “colorful jade” or “beautiful gem.” It is a popular name in China and can be given to both males and females. In Taiwanese culture, “Yanlin” is a male given name. “Yan” means “strict” or “stern,” and “lin” means “rainfall” or “continuous rain.” Together, the name can be interpreted as “strict rainfall” or “serious and continuous like rain.” In Vietnamese, “Yan Lin” is a variant of the name “Yen Linh.” “Yen” can mean “peace” or “calm,” while “Linh” can mean “spirit” or “soul.” Therefore, “Yan Lin” may convey the meaning of a peaceful and spiritual person.

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