Zarah Meaning and Origin

Zarah is a girl’s name of Arabic origin, meaning blooming flower.” In Arabic, Zarah can be derived from the word zahra, which means “flower” or “blossom.” This name is often used in Arabic-speaking countries. In Hebrew, Zarah means “to blossom” or “to shine.” It can also be associated with the word “zarua”, meaning “seed” or “offspring.” Zarah is a beautifully unique and timeless name with a rich cultural history. It carries connotations of growth, beauty, and vitality due to its associations with blossoming and seeds. The popularity of the name Zarah can vary by region and time period. It is not as common as some other names, which adds to its distinctive appeal. Popularity may also change over time, so it’s a name that can stand out without being overly trendy. Famous People Named Zarah: Zarah Leander: Zarah Leander (1907-1981) was a famous Swedish actress and singer known for her contributions to European cinema and music during the 1930s and 1940s. Zara Larsson: Although not named Zarah, Zara Larsson is a contemporary Swedish singer and songwriter who has achieved international recognition for her pop music.

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