Zelah Meaning and Origin

Zelah is an intriguing soft and feminine yet feisty name that sounds trendy but isn’t too common. Zelah is a girl’s name meaning “side” and is of Hebrew origin. Derived from the Hebrew verb ‘sala’, to lean on sideways. In Hebrew, the name Zelah is also associated with the phrase “Tzelah Elohim” or “Tzelah Adonai,” which means “God’s protection” or “shadow of God.” Another possible meaning of Zelah is derived from the Hebrew word “Tzela,” which translates to “rib.” In biblical context, this term is often associated with the creation of Eve, who was said to have been formed from one of Adam’s ribs. The name Zelah can also be connected to the Hebrew word “Tzel” or “Tzelah,” meaning “shade” or “shadow.” The name Zelah is the biblical name borne by one of the fourteen cities of the tribe of Benjamin (Joshua 18:28). Zelah is also mentioned in 2 Samuel 21:14, as the place where Saul and Jonathan are buried. 

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