Zhaleh Meaning and Origin

Zhaleh is a girl’s name of Persian origin, meaning “hailstone, dew.” Just like the delicate droplets of dew that grace the world in the early hours, the name Zhaleh carries an air of freshness and beauty. The name Zhaleh evokes a sense of serenity and enchantment. Like the glistening dewdrops that adorn nature, Zhaleh brings a touch of elegance and purity to those who bear the name. Its melodic sound rolls off the tongue with a gentle grace, capturing the essence of a tranquil morning moment. Zhaleh embodies a timeless quality, a reminder of the simple yet captivating wonders that surround us. While the popularity of the name Zhaleh may vary depending on cultural and regional factors, it has a unique and distinctive charm that appeals to those seeking a name with a deeper meaning. Due to its specific cultural origin, it might be more common in Persian-speaking communities.

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