Bowery Meaning and Origin

The name Bowery is a unisex name meaning “farm” and is of English and Dutch origin. The name “Bowery” is of Dutch origin, derived from the Dutch word “bouwerij,” which means “farm” or “homestead.” The term “Bowery” originally referred to a farm or estate, particularly one located in the outskirts of a town or settlement. The name Bowery has its roots in the early Dutch settlement of New York (originally known as New Amsterdam) in the 17th century. The Dutch colonists established farms and homesteads outside the fortified walls of New Amsterdam, and these rural areas came to be known as “bouwerij” or “bowery.” Over time, the name stuck and became associated with the particular neighborhood that is now known as “the Bowery” in Manhattan, New York City. As a given name, “Bowery” is relatively uncommon. Bowery is a unique and historically significant name with Dutch origins. Its association with the vibrant and diverse neighborhood in New York City gives it an urban and cosmopolitan flair. While it may not be a mainstream choice for a given name, its distinctive character and historical ties could make it a meaningful and interesting choice for parents looking for a name that stands out. 

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