Effie Meaning and Origin

The name Effie is a girl’s name meaning “well-spoken” and is of Greek origin. Although it may sound more like a name for a grandmother than a newborn, vintage names are coming back in style, the name Effie is a short form of Euphemia; Euphemia was a Christian saint martyred for her faith in 303 AD. In Scotland, Effie is a diminutive of the name Euphemia as well, but it also has been used as a nickname for the name Fiona, which means “fair” or “white.” Effie has been a relatively popular name in both Greece and Scotland, and it has also been used in other English-speaking countries as well. Some notable people with the name Effie include the American actress Effie Shannon, the Australian writer Effie Ogilvy, and the British singer Effie.

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