Berenice Meaning and Origin

Berenice is a girl’s name meaning “victory bringer” and is of Greek origin. From Greek name Berenike, of the royal house of Macedon. It is most likely a Macedonian dialect form of Pherenike, meaning victory bringer. Historically, the name Berenice is associated with several notable figures. One prominent figure is Berenice II of Egypt, who was a queen of Egypt in the 3rd century BC. She was the daughter of King Magas of Cyrene and married Ptolemy III, the ruler of Egypt. Berenice II played a significant role in the politics of her time. The name Berenice has been used across different cultures and languages, and it has variations and forms in various regions. In addition to the Greek and Latin versions, it can also be found as Bernice in English, Bérénice in French, and Berenike in German, among others. In modern times, Berenice remains a popular given name in some countries, although its popularity may vary. The name has a classic and elegant sound, which appeals to many parents looking for a timeless name for their child.

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