Aida Meaning and Origin

Aida is a girl’s name of Arabic and Italian origin, meaning “returning visitor, happy.” In Arabic it means “returning” or “visitor”.  In this context, Aida can be seen as a welcoming name for someone who has returned home or come to visit. Another possible origin of the name Aida is from the Latin name Aedis, which means “temple”. This could make the name Aida a symbolic reference to a place of worship or spiritual significance. Aida is also known as the title character of an 1871 opera by Giuseppe Verdi. The opera tells the story of a love triangle between Aida, an Ethiopian princess who is enslaved in Egypt, Radamès, an Egyptian general, and Amneris, the daughter of the Egyptian pharaoh. The popularity of the opera helped to popularize the name Aida as a first name.

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