Arber Meaning and Origin

The name Arber is a boy’s name meaning field maker, Albanian and is of Albanian origin. In Albanian, the name “Arber” (also spelled “Arbër” or “Arbër”) is derived from the word “Arbën” or “Arbëneshë,” which means “Albanian” or “Albanians.” It is a term used historically to refer to the ethnic Albanian population. The name “Arber” is sometimes used as a given name for boys, reflecting pride in Albanian heritage. “Arber” is also a German surname with Bavarian roots. It originates from the Bavarian word “Arber,” which means “mountain” or “hill.” The surname likely refers to someone who lived near or in the vicinity of a mountain or hill. It is less commonly used as a given name in German-speaking regions. While less common, “Arber” can also be a variant of the name “Arbor.” “Arbor” is an English word meaning “a shaded area formed by trees or shrubs.”

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