Benjamin Meaning and Origin

The name Benjamin is a boy’s name meaning “son of the right hand, son of sorrow” and is of Hebrew origin. The name Benjamin derives from the Hebrew name “Binyamin,” which means “son of the right hand” or “son of the south.” It is composed of two elements: “ben” meaning “son” and “yamin” meaning “right hand” or “south.” In the Bible, Benjamin is the name of one of the twelve sons of Jacob (also known as Israel) and the younger brother of Joseph. Benjamin’s mother, Rachel, died giving birth to him, and he was regarded as Jacob’s favorite son. Benjamin is mentioned in various biblical stories, including the story of Joseph and his brothers. Benjamin has been a consistently popular name for many years. It has been a common choice in numerous countries and cultures. In English-speaking countries, the name Benjamin has consistently ranked high on the popularity charts. It is often shortened to the nicknames Ben or Benny. Variations of Benjamin include Benjamim (Portuguese), Beniamin (Romanian), Benyamin (Arabic), and Benjy (diminutive form). Similar names include Benedict, Bennett, and Benjaminus (Latin).

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