Cayo Meaning and Origin

Cayo is a boy’s name meaning “rejoice” and is of Spanish origin. In Spanish and Portuguese, “Cayo” is a variant of the name “Caio,” which is derived from the Roman family name “Gaius.” It is often used as a given name in Hispanic and Lusophone countries. In Italian, “Cayo” is a variant of the name “Caio” or “Gaio,” which is derived from the Latin name “Gaius.” It was a common given name in ancient Rome and is still used in Italy today. The meaning of “Cayo” in Italian is “rejoice” or “glad.” In the Yucatec Maya language spoken in Mexico, “Cayo” is a given name that means “sky” or “heaven.” It is a popular name among the Yucatec Maya community and carries a spiritual connotation related to the celestial realm.

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