Crawford Meaning and Origin

Crawford is a boy’s name meaning “from the crow ford” and is of English origin. It is derived from the Old English surname “Crawa-ford,” where “crawa” means “crow” and “ford” refers to a river crossing. Therefore, the name essentially means “crow ford” or “river crossing of the crows.” The popularity of the name “Crawford” has varied over time. Historically, it was primarily used as a surname to denote someone’s family lineage. As a given name, its popularity has seen some fluctuations. In modern times, it has not been as common as some other names, but it has maintained a certain level of recognition and uniqueness. “Crawford” is a distinguished and strong-sounding name with a touch of nature imagery. It carries a sense of heritage and tradition, harking back to its Scottish roots. Famous People: Crawford Allen (American football player), Crawford Goldsby, also known as Cherokee Bill (American outlaw), Joan Crawford (American actress and Hollywood icon).

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