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Dragan Meaning and Origin

Dragan is a boy’s name of Slavic and Serbian origin, meaning “dear, beloved; precious.” The name Dragan is predominantly used in Eastern European countries such as Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Bulgaria. It is derived from the Slavic element “drag,” which means “dear” or “beloved.” Therefore, the name Dragan carries the meaning of “beloved” or “dear one.” The name Dragan has ancient roots in Slavic culture and has been in use for centuries. It is closely tied to the cultural and historical heritage of the Eastern European region, where it remains a popular and traditional name. ragan is a relatively common name in Eastern Europe, particularly in Serbia and other countries with a significant Slavic population. However, its popularity has not spread widely beyond the region, and it is less commonly used in other parts of the world. Dragan is a strong and masculine name with a rich cultural heritage. It exudes a sense of warmth and endearment, emphasizing the love and affection that may be associated with the person bearing this name. Famous People Named Dragan: Dragan Bender – A Croatian professional basketball player who has played in the NBA. Dragan Džajić – A retired Serbian footballer considered one of the greatest players in Yugoslavian football history.

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