30 Adorable and Unique Girl Names Starting with the Letter A

A names are undoubtedly having a moment right now; they are the most popular on the charts and on our site. We can certainly see the appeal, and there is something very feminine and versatile about the girl’s names that start with the letter A. And it’s not just in the states; A names are well-known favorites around the world. Not to mention an A name will guarantee that a child will always be first in line. So without further ado, here are 30 girl’s names starting with the letter A that are unique and definitely not too high on the popularity list. Snatch them up before the rest of the world discovers them.


ABIA name meaning
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Abia is a beautiful name derived from Arabic origins meaning “great” just like your little girl will be.


ABRA name meaning
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Abra is our latest name crush; there something strong yet timeless about this Hebrew name meaning “father of multitudes.”


Abrie name meaning
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This adorably sweet name is an Italian variant of the Hebrew male name Abraham, meaning “father of multitudes.”


ADALY name meaning
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Adaly is a gender-neutral title that might appear to be cute and cuddly, but it’s a Hebrew name that means “noble.”


ADDILYN name meaning
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Addilyn is the new Madeline; it still has Madeline’s classy French appeal but sounds more refreshing. Addliyn comes from Adeline, a diminutive of Adele, from the Germanic element “adal,” meaning “noble.”


AEDRE name meaning
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Aedre is like a cross between the male name Andre and the female name Audrey. We love that it’s unique and but still sounds familiar. The name comes from Anglo-Saxon origins and meaning “stream.”


AELLA name meaning
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Aella means “whirlwind” in Greek, and we think this would be a perfect name for a lively, spunky little girl who is always on-the-go.


AHRAYA name meaning
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A beautiful and unique name that we haven’t heard before; Aharaya is an Armenian name meaning “king.”


AILEY name meaning
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Cute, light, and airy vibes come to mind with this invented name that’s nothing short of sweet.


ALIANA name meaning
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Aliana is a melodic name that rolls off the tongue. Its origin is Slavic, and it means “bright, beautiful,” as your daughter will be.


AMALIE name meaning
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A name as chic as the French themselves, Amelie is a name of French origins meaning “work” that makes an excellent option for a hardworking future fashionista.


AMARIS name meaning
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A beautiful name that is bound to catch attention; we love the name Amaris. This Latin name means “lovable.” So fitting!


AMBRIA name meaning
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Ambria is one of those names that stays in your memory for a long time. It’s unusual, impactful, and quite darling. Ambria is an English title meaning “amber gem, golden color.”  


AMORA name meaning
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Amora appears to be a source of inspiration and tons of affectionate feels, as the name comes from Spanish origins, meaning “love.”


AMRYN name meaning
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This trendy invented name is a modern twist on the unisex Scottish name Cameron meaning “crooked nose.”


ANAYA name meaning
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Not to be confused with Anya, Anaya is another gorgeous name with an exotic appeal that reminds us of a future Disney princess. Anaya means “adversity” in Sanskrit.


ANNIKA name meaning
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This is one of our editor’s favorite names for a good reason; it is stylish, exotic, and unique. Annika is the Swedish diminutive of Anna, meaning “grace.”


ANNORA name meaning
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Annora is a girl’s name of Latin origin, meaning “honor.” We think it an excellent alternative to the popular name Nora.


ANSLEIGH name meaning
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Ansleigh is a spelling variation of Ansley, which gives this name a softer feminine vibe on paper. Ansley is a name of English origin, meaning “clearing with a hermitage.”  


ANWEN name meaning
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This Welsh girl’s name lives up to its meaning of “fair and beautiful.”


ANYA name meaning
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Anya just sounds so exotic, and we love the euro vibe of this Russian name, meaning “grace.”


ARA name meaning
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Three letter names can be a nice counterbalance for long last names, and Ara is a seriously underused one. Ara, which has Armenian origins, means “king.”


ARIADNE name meaning
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This name ranked number #999 in popularity in 2019, so it walks the line of being known but still unique. Ariadne is a girl’s name of Greek origin, meaning “most holy.”


ARLA name meaning
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This is a darling and sweet name with a spark of southern charm, although it’s actually a Swedish name meaning “morning.”


ARMEENA name meaning
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The name feels classic, and a bit dressy but can also let its hair down with cute nicknames such as Mina or Ena. Armeena is an Italian name from German origins meaning “army man.”


Aurie name meaning
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Such a charming choice! Aurie literally means “the gold one” in Latin and was traditionally used for babies born blonde.


AVELYN name meaning
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Avelyn is truly a one-of-a-kind modern invented name, although we don’t think it sounds like one. The name has never ranked among the most popular US baby names, though that’s sure to change soon.


AVIANA name meaning
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Aviana is gorgeous elaboration of the name Ava, meaning “bird.”


AVIE name meaning
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Close to Ava but way cuter in our opinion, it stands great on its own and would make a cute nickname for Aviana. Avie’s origins are uncertain, but it could come from the Hebrew word ‘avi,’ meaning “my father.”


AZLYNN name meaning
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There is just something about names that have a Z in them that always seems so effortlessly cool. The perfect mix of Azalea and Lynn, it’s a combo name that has an unusual spelling. So cute!

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